Friday, November 12, 2004

CF Form Disposal

The December 2004 issue of MSDN contains an article on developing CF apps. Part of the article advocates the disposing of forms as soon as you are done using them in order to conserve memory. I disagree with this.

I have found that caching forms improves the performance of a CF application. It takes a long time to load a form in CF so why should I make the user wait every time he has to reopen the same form? If the speed of creating forms was not an issue then I would be OK with disposing of them when done.

There is a Form Stack code block floating around the web that I have been using successfully to cache forms. This works up to a point but it has limitations as well. I am working on a hashtable cache for forms and will extend it to include panels. I think that performance would be even more improved if instead of caching entire forms we cache the panels.

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