Wednesday, January 26, 2005

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft was finally released last year (w00t!) and for Christmas my wife bought me the Limited Edition.  Of course she did not realize what that meant, after all I had been waiting for three years for WOW to come out!

I am focusing mainly on creating Warriors for now.  I have created four different characters, two on a Pacific server and two on one of the Central servers.  I found that the Pacific servers are always over crowded and more prone to lag and other issues so I switched to the Central servers.

I have one main character that I am running now, a Night Elf Warrior.  I am following the template from PC Gamer for a High DPS Warrior, going to see how effective it is.  Right now the character is level 13 and I am focusing on getting his professional/trade skills higher.  Since he is a Warrior he has Blacksmith and Mining.   Of course he has first aid and cooking, those two are a must.

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