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The Kindly Ones They Ain't

I finished reading Sandman #9, The Kindly Ones .  This was a very complicated Sandman, and for the Sandman saga that is saying something.  Almost all the old characters returned and a lot of loose threads were tied or cut.  Then Neil killed Dream. I thought, how inappropiate.  I didn’t think he would acutally kill him, just make him wipe out the furies.  But no, Dream goes bye-bye. This was actually forshadowed in the previous Sandman, with the storm and the funeral march. I am trying to avoid reading any reviews of the final Sandman just so I don’t know what is going to happen.  After I finish the final I can go back and re-read the Endless Nights.

Power Collections for .NET

Power Collections: The Power Collections Library is an open source collection class library for the next version of .NET. The philosophy of the library is to extend the base class library (BCL) of collection classes that will be available with .NET 2.0 rather than provide a complete and separate set of classes from .NET.

if we got this far, then everything is working properly

Comment found in a code that I was reviewing: if we got this far, then everything is working properly Why does this send shivers up my spine?  The procedure is 91 lines long and this comment appears on line 43.  What about the other 48 lines?  What if they fail?  I should add the following comment to the end of the procedure: if we got this far then there is a God.