Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Moving blogs, ASP.NET vs PHP and WordPress

I moved my permanent blog to here, if you hadn’t noticed.  It went a whole lot smoother than I thought it would as my main blog was on  I had this sinking feeling that in order to move all my entries I would have to save them one by one then repost them.  Boy was I surprised!

I had originally given thought to switching my hosting to use ASP.Net, the only hold back was that  my gallery was using Gallery.  But since I am a .NET developer I thought “why not use something I know?”  Wrong attitude!  It would cost me more to use a .Net server plus after looking around there were not a whole lot of options when it came to applications.  There is DotNetNuke, dasBlog or SubText, plus a handful of galleries.  From what I saw none of those approach the maturity of the PHP options. 

I settled on WordPress mainly because I have used it before.  I’ve used numerous CMS applications but I do not want a CMS.  I want a blog engine and a gallery.  The hosting company provided Gallery already which I use and like, and it does offer PHPNuke but that would not fit my needs.

So how to handle the migration?  Turns out that is all built into WordPress.  When I saw that I could import my entire Blogger site I was amazed!  The whole installation process was simple and enjoyable.  The migration took all of fifteen minutes and that is only because I had to figure out how to dump the two blog entries I had at LiveJournal.

Why did I leave blogger?  I am a adamant fan of almost every thing Google and I have had that blog for ages, but I felt like I had to fight the system more than I needed to.  If I wanted categories I would have to either create separate blogs or encode the titles then have some funky search going on.  I think the one thing that really made me want to switch was that I could not select individual entries.  How lame is that?

But I am here now.  My own domain.  My own little space in the wild.

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