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Cisco VPN Sucks

I have to use the Cisco VPN Client at work and man when it breaks it breaks good!  For some reason it has decided to stop working which means I can’t work at home.  Now I have to spend my Saterday morning in the office.  CRAP! I’ve been looking for an alternative but can’t seem to find one.  If anyone knows of a good alternative please let me know.

.5 TB Server

While rebuilding our home file server I realized that I had about .5 TB of disk space.  This is spread across four different sized harddrives but if you add up the total space it is over 600 GB.  It is not the full Terabyte server that I’ve been wanting to build but it is a step in that direction.  And I’m not doing any RAID.  I will be doing rsync snapshot backups  to one of the harddrives so I am loosing already half my space.  When I get enough $$$ I will get more drives and attempt some RAID or Linux LVM. I am using Ubuntu on the machine.  I started down the road of using straight Debian but soon got real tired of trying to figure out how to make things work.  With Ubuntu I would say that 80 to 90% of my hardware problems went away and I didn’t have to hunt down any drivers or figure out why I couldn’t get a higher screen resolution.  My last file server I used Gentoo which rocks, by the way, but I have gotten to the point where I don’t want to spend days just setting up the OS.  A

G-Ding.TV | Viewing Linux in a whole new way

Welcome to G-Ding.TV, home of MythDora. MythDora is a Fedora Core and MythTV "All-In-One" CD. The CD will load a preconfigured Fedora Core 4 installation on your computer as well as install and configure MythTV-0.19. There are extras included with MythDora such as MythBurn, MediaMVP and MythStreamTV for some extra fun. Enjoy! G-Ding.TV | Viewing Linux in a whole new way . Looks like I have a weekend project to get started on.

Outlook Rules + Blackberry == SUCKS

I just got a Blackberry for work and am having a hard time dealing with it.  I didn’t ask for it but if I have to use it I will.  The real problem I am having is the clash of Outlook rules and my use of folders to organize email's.  Because the email's I get are moved into a folder (me being the anal organizational type) they do not get forwarded to the Blackberry.  This sucks because I don’t get all my email's which defeats the purpose of having the thing. I have a plan to solve the problem.  A guy I work with says that he does not use folders to organize his email's, just sorts them in the Inbox.  On Hanselminutes Carl Franklin said that he leaves everything in the Inbox and uses a Desktop search tool.  I am thinking that a combination of these two practices and using the Favorite Folders in Outlook would work as well.  That way I can remove all my rules, have everything stay in the Inbox and at some later date I can organize as I see fit. Its going to really hurt get

Aggragator Sites

I just found a few aggragator sites that look cool.  Of course I found them thourgh a post. PopUrls Digg View OriginalSignal PopDeal So when you want to see what the latest buzz is but don’t want to visit ALL the social sites, check out the aggragators.