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Showing posts from November, 2006

What's in a Name?

I have had the joy of reviewing other peoples code lately and I must say that for the most part there is a total lack of attention to detail.  Extensive use of copy paste coding, but the one thing that bugs me the most is the naming convention used. Can you believe that there are still developers that preface there variables with obj?!  Is that not just crazy?  Of course it is an object, we work in an OOP language. Everyone should stop reading tips and tricks sites and start reading books on how to program.

Mad World

I keep seeing the commercial for Gears of War , I don't know anything about the game but the background music is one that I know and like. It is called "Mad World" and I recognize it from the movie Donny Darko. Part of it goes like this: I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad, But the dreams in which I'm dying Are the best I ever had. It is one of those songs that forces you to stop and listen. Any way, I thought I might have the song so I went looking in my mp3 collection and couldn't find it. No problem I'll search iTunes. Do you know how many remakes are of this one song?! A lot. Just on iTunes I see over 52 remixes. Wow.

Switched Back to ReSharper

I uninstalled CodeRush and re-installed ReSharper.  CodeRush just wasn't doing anything for me productivity wise.  I felt that I spent more time fighting it then working with it. Maybe I just feel more comfortable with ReSharper.  I feel that with it I don't have to memorize as many key combinations. I'll give it another month and see what I think then.