Wednesday, December 06, 2006

FxCop and NAnt

I am working on automating our build process and one of the things I am trying to do now is to add FxCop to the mix.  There are a couple of ways to run the process, one using an exec task to call the executable directly, the other is through a Contrib task <fxcop>.

I tried the first method with no success.  For some reason I couldn't get the output file name to be recognized by the executable.  I eventually had to switch to the <fxcop> task but I had to set a system envitonment variable to the executable first.  It eventually looked like this:


<target name="analyze.fxcop" description="Runs FxCop on build output">

<setenv name="PATH" value="${tools.dir}\fxcop;%PATH%" />

<mkdir dir="${build.dir}\\fxcop" />

<fxcop directOutputToConsole="false" analysisReportFilename="${build.dir}\\fxcop\\fxcop.xml" failonerror="false">
<include name="${build.dir}\\release\\bin\\*.dll" />
<dependencyDirectories refid="referenceComponents" />


A lot of work was involved just to find this out.  Oh well, I got it working so now I share my results.

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