Friday, December 22, 2006

MythTV Demo Project

MythTV I actually got a MythTV machine up and running yesterday!  Man I was so excited, I have tried several times in the past but with no luck.  However after finding a good How-To on the Ubuntu web site I was up and running in (almost) no time.

I have tried using MythDora but I could not get it to work.  I think the reason was because of the stupid pain in the ass to set up ATI All-In-One card.  This card has never worked right for me, either in Linux or Windows so it is time to chunk it.

This past week I came across a How-To site using Fedora Core 6 which I was prepared to follow.  But then I got to thinking that there should be something similar for Ubuntu, which I prefer over Fedora.  Sure enough the community site had one so I was in business.

The first attempt I made failed.  It failed because I attempted to install the proprietary drivers for that stupid $%^@ ATI card, something I will never attempt again with this card as it is going in the trash soon.  So I wiped out the install and tried again, my x config file was so screwed at that point that I felt a fresh install was better.

The second time was much better.  I added the TV capture card with no issues, installed the MythTV server and frontend on the same machine, got my Zap2It setup and was watching TV on my PC.  I tried to set it up to record a couple of shows as a test but that did not work.  I'm not sure why but this is a test install any way so I'm not too worried about it working 100%.

I showed my wife and she thought it was cool.  This is important as the all important Wife Buy-In factor needs to be way high in order to take this project to the ultimate conclusion.  Once I show her how to login from work and set up the server to record shows she will be good with buying some more hardware.  Then there is the video, picture and music library that will be accessible from any where in the house once I wire the house then she will be sold.

MythTV Rocks.

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