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Databases Suck

I am sick of working with databases, they all suck.  I can generalize this to any type of data store, they all suck. OK, they don't really suck but I sure have seen a lot of database designs that do.  I am tired of working with applications that have lots and lots of large tables, tables with lots and lots of fields.  Of course all the fields but the primary key are nullable because you might not always need that extra address field but it is there, just in case. And don't get me started on compound primary keys.  If I see tables with compound primary keys then I am trying to get off of that project. What if we have to change the database, add a field, remove a field or just plain rename a field?  Well that just broke the application, not just the code you own but the code in a module you never heard of that the reporting team is using.  Why can we not update schema's without worrying about causing the build to fail? And what about all the boiler plate code needed to commun

Need Tape

Those are the words spoken to me by my son. He was playing with his GI Joe (one of the fake all plastic ones) when he accidentally pulled off its head. Oops! This sucks because now I have to retape the head on evy time it falls off. Of course the real GI Joe's head wouldn't have come off so easy. Growing up we used to regularly abuse them by dropping them off of roofs, blowing them up with fire works, running them over with the car, etc. and they always survived. These cheap plastic ripe offs, well they just suck.