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Using Sencha Architect to Create Grafted Tree

Clint Harris posted How To Use ExtJS 4 TreePanels with Both Static Data and Model Stores . He has a great explanation of how to "graft" branches onto an ExtJS TreeView. In his example he is creating an Admin tree form that gives him access to Settings and Users. I recreated his project using Sencha Architect 2 . The trickiest part was getting the tree to load the data correctly. I used the onLaunch function of the controller to get access to the TreeStores in order to call the userStore.setRootNode() and then to append the userStore to the settingsTreeStore. Notice how I am using this.getUserTreeStoreStore() and this.getSettingTreeStoreStore() . Yes, I had to use "StoreStore" because I named my stores UserTreeStore and SettingTreeStore, then the Controller tacks on the second "Store" when it creates the get function. Ext.define('GraftedTreeApp.controller.TreePanelController', { extend: '', models: ['