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Remote Controlled RoboTank

This is my version of the ever popular to build RoboTank. It uses an Arduino Mega 2560 with the AdaFruit motor shield and an XBee S1 to communicate to the DFRobot Gamepad. The sketch for the RoboTank makes use of the AFMotor.h to drive the motors and includes a serial parser to read and process the commands coming from the Gamepad. DFRobot Wireless Joystick

Remote controlled RoboTank using DFRobot Wireless Joystick

Details to follow.

DFRobot Wireless Joystick 1.1 (DFR0182)

Wireless Joystick Sketch Wireless Joystick Schematic DFRobot Wiki Page The DFRobot's Wireless Joystick V1.1 is similar in size and shape to an XBox controller.  The controller, or gamepad as it is also referred to, is an Arduino Deumilanove w/ATMega 328 and requires either an FTDI Basic Breakout or USB Serial Light Adapter to program.  The board uses 3.3V, when connecting either the FTDI or USB Adapter verify correct voltage is set on the adapter, via jumpers on the adapter, otherwise you will burn out the gamepad.